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ASRock unlocks locked-up Skylakes

by on09 March 2016

Another loophole opens 

Chipzilla thought it might have rained on the overclocker’s parade by closing a loophole in its non-K-series Skylake processors to stop them. But it looks like ASRock is offering another method.

Intel ordered its suppliers to close a loophole which was enabling people to overclock cheap Skylake chips.However motherboard maker ASRock has figured out another loophole that allows you to figuratively crank your processor's base clock on chips that should not be able to be overclocked.

ASRock has announced two motherboards, the Fatal1ty H170 Gaming K4 HYPER and Fatal1ty B150 Gaming K4 HYPER which uses a separate, external base clock-generator to give overclockers more control over their systems.

According to the bumph that ASRock sends out it means that you can tweak the processor’s clock in increments of 0.0625 MHz, to increase the base clock past the limits set by Chipzilla.

This sort of puts a damper on Intel's attempts to limit overclocking to its more pricey K-series processors Intel might get a bit cross with ASRock and might force it to close another loophole.

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