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Intel updates Bay Trail NUC, fixes USB issue

by on24 April 2014

Introduces new 5W board in the process

Intel has quietly updated its Bay Trail NUC line-up with a few new SKUs and chips. Intel is about in the process of discontinuing certain Bay Trail cores in favour of somewhat faster models.

One of the updated products is the troublesome DN2820FYKH. FanlessTech reports it was plagued by several minor issues and a somewhat serious USB 3.0 bug. Now it has a new processor in the form of a Celeron N2830, on a new stepping and with a slight clock bump. 

A few minor changes have been made to the rest of the line-up. Intel recently announced the first NUC based on the single-core Atom E3815 clocked at 1.40GHz. It is intended to serve in digital signage and industrial applications, so it’s really not meant for consumers.

However, Intel is also offering the same board in retail. The NUC Board DE3815TYBE is priced south of €100 in Europe and it should go on sale in a couple of weeks. It is a niche product, but since it features a modern SoC with a TDP of just 5W, it may find a few buyers among the hardcore DIY crowd.



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