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Jensen wants chipset licence back from Intel

by on11 March 2010


We will fight it to the last breath

The fearsome leader and Nvidia’s CEO Jen Hsung Huang has a lot on his mind lately. This chap is not that happy with 6+ month delay of Fermi and he is especially not happy because Intel disputes Nvidia for its buss license for Intel CPUs.

Nvidia’s next generation ION is a simple proof of that as Nvidia didn’t come out with a chipset, but rather released a discrete GPU that will fit in Netbook Pine-trail 2010 platform designs. Nvidia never made a QPI chipset for 1366 pin CPUs and they don’t have a chipset that can support 1156 Core i5, i7 and similar CPUs even if they should have the necessary license.

This means that Nvidia loses its chipset market and since AMD wants to push its own “Platform” Nvidia cannot do much in AMD's chipset arena. AMD’s 890GX and 890FX chipsets look like decent solutions for many Athlons and Phenoms and Nvidia again doesn’t have much to offer.

This is why Jensen told CNN the other day that they want to fight Intel in court to get its license as they should have it, like they had in many years in the past. Since Intel sees Nvidia as a big threat, the company has decided to change the rules and take away the licence. Jensen however doesn’t want to settle this matter out of court, and believes that they can and will win this one.

However, a trip down the memory lane isn't quite favoring this strategy as many still recall the last player who opposed Intel. Some might remember that Via took Intel to court for the similar reason, and while they have won, it came only after years in court and in the meantime the company lost all of its chipset market and became a quite irrelevant player in chipset market.

Let’s just hope Nvidia fares better.

You can get more details from the video here.

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