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Gigabyte still sells P67 B2 boards

by on12 April 2011

We purchased one last week
At a time when you should be buying the P67 B3 boards, we simply could not find any available in Vienna Austria. Last week, I had to pick a board for a friend that lives at the place where getting B3 boards is expensive and takes a lot of time, and imagine our surprise when we found a 260+ euro Gigabyte board had the old B2 chipset.

The board purchased was Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B2 (P67,S1155,ATX,DDR3,Intel,EuP) and when asked, people at the shop told us that its a B2 board and that they have no B3 at this time. Of course, they didn't tell us that we are getting a B2 board, and we played the part of the unsuspecting customer.

The chap selling the board had to call for his boss to inform us what to do with B2 board and if we can swap one at Gigabyte site. He told us that if we don’t register the B2 board until end of April, we won't get an extended warranty for it, and if we do, the warranty gets extended to 5 years.

So the recall and measures to pull the boards from the market was just a marketing ploy, as this was not the only B2 that we saw available. We alreardy wrote that Asus has informed some customers that they can sell B2 boards under the desk until they get B3, and Asus will swap these B2 for B3's if the customer wants it.

B3 boards are slowly showing up available all over Europe but beware not to grab a B2 board instead. Here is that board listed and some shops still claim that they can ship you one if you are interested in B2 board, here.

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