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Samsung beats Apple to AI

by on09 November 2023

Tame Apple Press recoils in horror

The Tame Apple Press is shocked after Samsung humiliated their favourite tech company by introducing a new generative AI model long before Jobs’ Mob could claim to have invented it.

The tech is called the Samsung Gauss after Carl Friedrich Gauss, "the legendary mathematician who established normal distribution theory, the backbone of machine learning and AI."

Samsung’s AI system includes the Gauss Language which is a generative language model which can help compose emails and translate content, and "enhance the consumer experience by enabling smarter device control when integrated into products."

Another feature allows in-house software developers to write code quickly, while Gauss Image, can generate or edit images.

According to a press release: “Samsung Gauss is currently used on employee productivity but will be expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide new user experience in the near future."

Samsung could be amongst the first handset makers in the world to introduce generative AI to its devices.

Samsung's vice president of the mobile business Daniel Araujo said on the company's earnings call last month that generative AI technology will likely reach customers next year.


Last modified on 09 November 2023
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