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Chinese AI used to monitor party loyalty

by on08 July 2022

1984 anyone?

A new artificial intelligence tool has been developed in China that helps authorities monitor how loyal members of the Communist Party are to the government.

According to the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Hefei, the 'Smart Political Education Bar' analyses users' brainwaves and deploys facial recognition to "discern the level of acceptance for ideological and political education".

The tool identified those who might be a little confused and be considering other forms of political systems as being better than what China has on offer at the moment. The AI flags the person who is then dragged off kicking and screaming to a re-education facility to be shown the error of their ways.

Creators of the tool say it is designed to help 'quantify thought education' and provide 'further education recommendations'.

A video explaining how the tool works was taken off of Chinese social media, shortly after being announced. No word on if the people who made the post have been re-educated yet.


Last modified on 08 July 2022
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