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Apple looks for new MacBook ideas

by on31 May 2016

OLED function keys will make all the difference

In a desperate attempt to appear innovative again, the Fruity Cargo cult Apple is rumoured to be planning to replace the function keys on its MacBook Pro with a new OLED display touch bar.

Jobs’ Mob is going to release a MacBook Pro line this year, and likely offer the rumoured 13-inch and 15-inch enhanced Skylake variants. The only problem is that the spec will be pretty much the same as what is already out there.

Normally it would offer something thin, but it looks like ASUS already took that crown away so the OLED thing is supposed to be the most radical thing it could think of.

The rumour comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo who also claims the new line will be thinner, lighter and feature Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition hardware, previously only found in mobile devices.

The Tame Apple Press thinks it is a brilliant idea, and is already dusting off the "game changer" mantra,  but the idea is not really that great. Kuo says it will be featured above the keyboard and will "replace physical function keys".

This may help condense the overall design and work better with the injection mould-made hinges and butterfly-mechanism keyboard that was in the 12-inch MacBook and should feature in the Pro line.

However think about it. How often do Apple fanboys people really use the function keys? On a PC you can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with them but most only use them to get into their BIOS. Some DTP software uses them but you would not want to try desktop publishing on a laptop OLED keys then will be replacing something marginally useful with something expensive you don’t need.

Apple is reported, by the source, to reveal these new MacBooks in the fourth quarter, suggesting they may not appear at WWDC from 13 June.

Last modified on 31 May 2016
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