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Xotic PC releases VR Ready PCs

by on06 April 2016

Smart move

Now that everyone is realising that their super expensive Apple PCs can’t do VR, an outfit called Xotic PC is offering to sell a range of proper computers that can – although AMD fans might want to look the other way.

According to Digital Trends Xotic PC’s new VR range is based around Nvidia’s GeForce GTX VR Ready graphics tech and each can handle VR games in their 360-degree glory even when personalized at the base level.

The PCs have a spec based around an Intel Skylake i5-6500 CPU, an Nvidia GTX 970, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB hard drive – we assume that is the cheapest model as 8GB RAM is a bit small for the sort of money we are talking here.

CEO Justin Nolte told Digital Trends that his outfit was not a cookie-cutter PCs maker and it offers a a wide range of both performance and visual customisation options that gamers demand.

Yeah pretty much like a lot of PC retailers. The desktop versions are pricey too with cheapest, the Exodus Mini, starting at $1,429. Pricey even if you are used to wasting money on an top of the range Apple. The laptops Xotic is selling have a comedy battery life of “2+ hours” long.

Nolte said that Xotic’s VR Ready lineup is “future-proof” because the company is confident that the systems will be “immersing you in virtual worlds now and in the foreseeable future.”

True, an expensive high-tech PC costing $2,000 that runs VR should do all you need for about five years or so, unless there is some serious technology shift.

Last modified on 06 April 2016
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