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PCs can do more than Macs

by on01 March 2016

Advertising war begins

Microsoft has started an advertising campaign which aims to prove that PCs can do much more than Macs.

Microsoft launched a series of ads on Sunday attacking Macs and arguing that Windows 10-based PCs “do more” than Apple’s computers.

The new series highlights the so-called “Bug Chicks” who promote the advantages of using a Windows 10 PC instead of a Mac. The first ad introduces viewers to the self-proclaimed Bug Chicks, who study insects for a living. The ad shows the women using a Windows 10 notebook and sketching on the screen.

One bug chick points out that Mac’s don’t have touchscreens. The ad ends with a simple tagline: “Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you.”
For those of us who have been around a while, the adverts go back to the days when Microsoft and Apple were at odds over which company had the better operating system and PC experience.

For a long time Apple won with its “Get a Mac” campaign between 2006 and 2009. The ads, which were shown worldwide, showed two men—one dressed in casual clothes representing a Mac and another wearing a suit representing Windows.

The ads tried to make the Mac seem cool and fun while the Windows machines were old-fashioned and obsessed with work. Of course the "Apple" was exactly the smug sort of git who would insist on showing your his toy and lecture you on its superiority without mentioning how much it cost him and the PC guy was friendly and funny.

For a while now Microsoft and Apple have not crossed swords over PCs. But now with Windows 10 out which is notably better than its predecessor, Windows 8, an Apple’s own software crown slipping lately it appears that Redmond is opening a new front on Jobs Mob.

For the record they appear to have touch screens and Windows 10’s personal virtual assistant, Cortana over Macs.  The adverts did not mention things like security, regular updates, better networking, better interaction with workbased networks, cost, and the fact that people do not want to avoid you in the street.


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