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Lenovo Chromebooks get a big RAM refresh

by on04 January 2016

Nothing to be sheepish about

The Chinese maker of the Thinkpad, Lenovo has refreshed its new T450 range and is finally giving it all the RAM that its users can eat.

The T450 are normally used for as corporate work horses so they often need lots of RAM to handle virtual machines or running Chrome, but they often lack the RAM to do the job. Now that Lenovo is giving its T450 Chromebooks Intel Skylakes it looks as if the RAM is finally getting an upgrade.

The T450s range can now install up to 24GB of RAM turning it into a solid Corporate machine. It looks jolly nice too.
Pices start at $1,059 it is a fairly thin 3lb laptop, but now takes up to 24GB RAM, with optional discrete Nvidia GeForce 930M graphics, up to 512GB PCIe SSD, and a 2560×1440 screen.

It is 0.74 inches thick – a bit thicker than the X1 range, but this extra width gives the machine a full size Ethernet port, full size HDMI, mini-DisplayPort and an optional smartcard reader.

It has also been designed to be more easily serviced as it can be undone using only five screws which give access to storage, memory, WWAN and Wi-Fi, and the batteries. This has been at the cost of the VGA port but serviceably is little more important.

There are two bigger versions of the T460 – the T460 and T560. Other than the size they are the same machine. The T460 is 14 inches, 1920×1080 and weighs 3.8lbs. The T560 is a 15 inch device, 2560×1440 and weighing 5lbs. Both take up to 32GB RAM, and offer optional discrete Nvidia 940MX graphics. Both will be available from February, starting at $909 for the T460 and $969 for the T560.

There is one other variant called the T460p. It will use Intel's new quad core H series processors, doubling the number of cores when compared to the U series parts used in the T460s, T460, and T560. This has up to 32GB of RAM and a 2560×1440 screen. It is thinker to so it can handle the hotter processor and a huge 72Wh battery. It even has an optical drive. Prices for that beastie start at $1,249 when the range becomes available in February.

Last modified on 04 January 2016
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