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Microsoft upgrades Surface book to 1TB

by on19 October 2015

Costs $3,199

After Apple copied its Surface book, Microsoft seems to be trying to outdo the company in terms of ridiculous pricing.

On the product page for its Surface Pro, Microsoft has shown off an option that takes the high end Surface Book and jams a 1 TB SSD inside.

It costs $3,199.00 which is more than $500 extra, which actually is not too bad for an SSD upgrade.

This really is the PC for the person who has everything. We are talking about a sixth generation "Skylake" Intel Core i7 processor paid with a whopping 16 GB of RAM, a custom NVIDIA GPU stashed inside the keyboard dock for more intensive graphics requirements.

So, if you have the money you can get a serious portable workstation based around the Surface Pro.

The Surface Book seems to be a crowd favourite already, with pre-orders reported to have sold out on the Microsoft Store rather quickly. Prices start at $1,499 (Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD) and it is much better than the more expensive Apple equivalent.

The 1 TB Surface Book is only available from the Microsoft Store. It's still on pre-order though will most likely ship later this month like the other models. Apple fanboys will have to wait for a year until Jobs' Mob copies the move on its Surface Prp clone. We expect when Apple does it, the upgrade will be just under a $1000 extra.

Last modified on 20 October 2015
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