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Apple delays large tablets

by on05 March 2015

If it ever intended to release any

Fruity cargo cult Apple which was rumoured to be releasing a big tablet is now rumoured to be delaying it, according to the latest rumours. 

Jobs' Mob which would never tell anyone what it was doing, even if it was planning to release a cure for cancer or a method of saving the world from a killer asteroid, nevertheless allowed rumours to persist that it was about to release a huge keyboardless netbook.

Now Apple's favourite news agency Reuters has released another rumour that Apple will delay the start of production on a larger, 12.9-inch iPad until around September because of problems involving the display panel supply.

Production on the bigger tablet had been scheduled to begin this quarter, Bloomberg cited one of the people as saying. But then again, who knows. Basically you have a situation where people said Apple was going to release a product, and it didn't, but it never said it was going to do so in the first place.

Last modified on 05 March 2015
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