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iPad Air 2 in iFixit teardown

by on23 October 2014

Parental advisory - full frontal nudity

Apple's new iPad Air 2 found its way to the iFixit lab, where it was tortured, disassembled and dissected. Although Apple fans may wish to invoke the Geneva Convention or something, the rest of us don't anthropomorphise gadgets and we just want to take a peek inside.

The thin Air 2 scored low on iFixit's reparability scale. The site said the device is still Apple's least repairable product. The new bonded display is thinner and Apple claims it handles reflections better, but iFixit also found that it is a pain to replace. The display can be cracked while opening the device. Apple still uses glue in lieu of screws, complicating the teardown even further.

The battery in the new Air 2 is actually smaller than on the first generation Air - 27.6Wh vs. 32.9Wh. The biggest change under the bonnet comes in the form of Apple's new A8X SoC, with three CPU cores and more powerful graphics.

So, while the latest iPad is even thinner than its predecessor, it is also even more difficult to repair and it has a marginally smaller battery than the first-gen model. Luckily the more efficient 20nm SoC should make up for it and deliver battery life on a par with last year's iPad Air.

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