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New MacBook Air is $899

by on01 May 2014

Deals on the old Air start at $799 or less

So Apple has released a new 11-inch 128GB MacBook Air with new Intel Core i5 processor for $899. The big deal here is that the new model is getting 100Mhz speed bump over the old model as well as $100 price drop.

The reality is however, that inventory of the old model still exists and retailers are starting to move the old inventory out with a $100 (or more) price drop. That’s right, if you can live with the older model you can save as much as $200 off of the old $999 price tag.

The new model does offer the new CPU, but there are no real styling or changes to the internals that really make the new model that much different. If you have been looking to snap up an 11-inch MacBook Air, the older model is worth significant consideration if you are looking to save some money.

Retailers we spoke with say that they still have inventory and they are looking to move it. We are not sure if this will equal additional discounts, but it may be that it is a deal too good for many to pass up. However, if you're looking for a Retina model, better luck next year.

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