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Possible no Retina display for next iPad mini

by on04 October 2013

Supplies too tight to produce what is needed

Apple may have no choice other than to launch the next iPad mini that is expected to still be announced later this year, without the expected Retina display. The upgraded display seems to be one of the things that iPad mini fans really want to see in the next version of the device.

The problem is that the supply constraints are said to be so tight for these displays that Apple cannot get enough of them produced to make the company comfortable with offering it with the next version of the iPad mini. According to sources, Apple will postpone using the retina display in the next iPad mini put off introducing it till the 2014 refresh of the tablet device.

Some believe that Apple might offer a higher priced iPad Mini with the retina display in limited quantities yet this year, but it will crack up over time. As for the expected price drop, that seems like an impossibility, but if the company were to reduce the memory to only 8GB some money could be saved, but it is likely not enough to make a real difference, sources tell us.

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