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Asus prepares A4 Temash 10.1 netbook

by on19 August 2013

Asus Vivo Book X102BA is the name

Netbooks are still not completely extinct from the market and there is certainly a niche for these machines. We do know that Intel doesn’t like people to call non-Intel based machines netbooks, but the Asus Vivo Book X102BA is a small 10.1-inch notebook powered by AMD’s Temash-based A4-1200 processor.

This is a 1GHz clocked dual-core with 1MB cache 128 Radeon cores and HD 8180 based graphics clocked at 225MHz. It supports DDR3L 1066 memory, DirectX 11 and boasts an impressive TDP of 3.9W, that should ensure plenty of battery life.

The Swedish configuration of this notebook has 2GB of memory, 320GB hard drive and a 1366x768 10.1-inch display. It also comes with two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port, HDMI, VGA, SD card reader, 3.5 mm headset connector and Ethernet, as well as 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0. The battery, depending on the configuration, comes in 22Wh to 33Wh and should be enough for at least five hours, probably a bit more with the larger one.

The machine should be priced at 3299 Swedish Krona that at current exchange rate translates to 380 Euro. There is no reason to panic, hardware in Sweden is usually more expensive than in rest of Europe and we believe that most of Europe should get this machine for close to 300 euro, which is a bit more realistic price.

It would make us much happier if Asus used a higher resolution screen, it would make an easier sell. You can get more details at the source here.

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