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Sales of Surface tablets estimated at just 1.5 million units

by on15 March 2013

Pro launch didn’t help much

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are not a flop just yet, but things are not looking good at all. 

Sales of Surface RT tablets are estimated at just over a million units, which sounds pretty terrible for a product that has been on the market since November. Surface Pro is not doing much better, either.

Bloomberg puts the number of Pro tablets shipped and sold at just 400,000 units. Many punters attributed poor RT sales to the imminent launch of the Pro, as they assumed consumers were waiting for a proper x86 Windows 8 tablets. The numbers paint a different picture.

There are few encouraging signs on the Windows tablet front. Surface sales are weak and other vendors don’t seem to be doing much better, either. Samsung recently decided to stop selling its ATIV Windows RT tablet in Europe. It did not even bother launching it in the US.

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