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AMD Temash tablet looks good

by on08 March 2013

Seen in action

AMD demonstrated a Temash based tablet at Cebit and our first impression is that AMD has something pretty good to offer. Talking to AMD’s Sasa Marinkovic we learned that Temash based tablets are coming in the first half of 2013 and that AMD is working on dual- and quad-core Temash systems.

Temash will come in AMD A6 and AMD A4 brands, while there is an extra sticker that might indicate that the tablet / hybrid notebook comes with a quad-core chip. AMD was clear that there won’t be any stickers on tablets, as tablet makers and consumers don’t really like stickers. People will just have to know that there is an AMD chip, inside just like some companies like Motorola and HTC don’t like to say that the chip inside their products comes from Qualcomm or some other partner.

We saw a Compal pre-production unit that had a nice white finish, dockable keyboard with plenty of ports including HDMI, two USBs, SD, headphones as well as LAN. The tablet itself still had HDMI, SD and USB ports on the bottom, but these ports would be covered by the keboard dock, in the ultrathin notebook mode. The tablet looked thin, slick and nicely designed. Let’s hope that some OEMs will come up with similar designs.

AMD has some strong OEMs on board, including Sony and HP. They usually want consumers to buy their machine for their brand, not for the hardware components inside, but Temash might have what it takes. Temash based tablets should show up in the first half of 2013 and they should start at $399 and up. AMD sees Temash as a performance tablet, not an entry-level device, and obviously there will be even more expensive tablets and hybrid configurations with turbo dock or a detachable keyboard.

Temash is made for Windows and should run Windows 8, including all legacy applications, unlike Windows RT and Android.

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