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AMD Richland notebooks to have face unlock

by on08 March 2013

Play music and swipe pictures like a Jedi

AMD has demonstrated notebooks powered by the soon to be launch Richland A10, A8, A6 and A4 processors and it has showed us some of the unique features that might help them differentiate from the competition. Notebook we saw was Richland A10 based. 

With a bit of help from the front facing camera, AMD plans to enable features such as face unlocking as well as hand gesture recognition and use the power of Richland’s GPU to make everything run smooth. Michal Lisiecki, Product Marketing Manager AMD EMEA, a bloke who spends a lot of time around notebooks, demonstrated how these features work. He unlocked his notebook just by looking into a predefined square, but as a security measure he had to blink. He was able to use this AMD Richland exclusive software to log on Facebook.

He also demonstrated how you can use hand gestures to play, pause or skip music. The same feature worked with pictures and you could just wave your hands and swipe through your pictures. The technology works up to one meter from the camera and it was intuitive, easy to get a hang of and almost flawless. One of the features needed a few repetitions but as overall it looked almost ready for market.

AMD plans to bundle this software with Richland based notebooks, All-in-Ones and similar machines that will come in the near future. The downside to touch technology is that screens end up with a lot of smudges on the screen, but with the Jedi hand wave picture swap, it will help the cause of keeping the screen just a little bit cleaner.

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