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Intel changes Ultrabook definition

by on15 January 2013

Wants to include Windows 8 capability

Intel has added a few lines to its definition of the word 'ultrabook' to take into account the new functions of Windows 8.

The latest upgrade of the definition will mean that all future ultrabooks containing one of Intel's upcoming Haswell processors will be required to feature a multipoint touchscreen and a battery that provides at least 8 hours of use.  Previously to call something an Ultrabook it would have to manage seven hours and touchscreen was not considered important.

Another requirement will be WiDi which is Intel's Wireless Display technology is a standard that allows computers and mobile devices to send their image wirelessly to compatible TVs and other display devices. The new standards will be in place by the end of the year.  Intel wants to see machines with thse standards with a starting price of $599.

This seems pretty unlikely, but Intel thinks that the volume of ultrabooks will be so high by the end of the year the unit price will have come down. Good luck with that.

Last modified on 15 January 2013
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