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Intel claims ultrabooks will fall in price

by on08 January 2013

Under $600 by the end of the year

Intel has been telling the world at CES, that by the end of 2013, the market will enjoy the presence of $599, touch-enabled Ultrabook laptops. By the end of the year the devices will be required to support touch input and will have “all day battery life.”  We will also go to work in jet packs apparently.

This depends on Intel managing to lean on its suppliers, but also suggests that the PC market will have to go even cheaper this year and Ultrabooks will have to invade the space reserved for tablets. If touch does start appearing cheaply on ultrabooks it does the line between the two devices blurred.  Not that Intel cares about Tablets much.  Ultrabooks run its chips, while tablets are mostly packed with ARM chips.

However it also means that the Windows 8 tablet market will get a good kicking by its Wintel partner which is not something that will make Redmond happy.

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