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iPad mini me doomed

by on12 October 2012

Survey says users can't be bothered

A survey claims that Apple's attempt to take on the Google Nexus 7 is doomed as users are not particularly interested in seven inch screens.

A survey conducted by deal aggregation site TechBargains has found that only 18 percent of consumers plan to purchase the iPad Mini, with half stating they simply weren't interested in the revised tablet. Comparatively, 45 percent of readers in the survey said they were planning to purchase the iPhone 5 upon its release.

Now we would be hesitant before writing off the Mac Mini Me tablet. The fact is that Apple fanboys will buy any rubbish that has an Apple logo on it to complete their collection. But TechBargains has a good point. It thinks that the low interest in the smaller tablet is due to the fact that Apple fans are already satisfied with the iPhone as well as the existing iPad models.

In other words the seven inch screen is not for Apple fanboys who will have already bought a tablet and don't need something that small. The iPad Mini me has been the potential reason for Apple's recent share price drop, the device is scheduled to be revealed on October 17. Shareholders do not think it will fly either.  

But then again, Steve Jobs thought that a seven inch tablet would be dead in the water. Google and Amazon managed to pull it off, but that was a different market and for different reasons.

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