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Nexus 7 overclocked to 1.64GHz

by on09 August 2012

Poor little thing

A few Android developers with too much time on their hands had a go at Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and managed to overlock the poor little bugger to 1.64GHz.

The Nexus 7 is powered by the slowest iteration of Nvidia’s Tegra 3, the 1.2GHz clocked TL30L. It is worth noting that the Tegra 3 can run quite a bit faster and 1.7GHz versions are on the way. Still, it is a rather impressive overclock and it shows us a glimpse of what to expect from the Tegra 3+.

In benchmarks the overclocked Nexus 7 made short work of the competition, brushing aside the likes of HTC’s One X and Asus’ own Transformer Prime TF201, with pretty wide margins in both cases.

In Quadrant the plucky Nexus scored 7130, while the One X and TF201 came in at about 4500 and 4000 respectively.

Although the higher clock could significantly reduce battery life, devs have a simple solution. Using the Trinity Kernel Toolbox, it is possible to reduce the clocks or even underlock the device for even better battery life.

It all sounds nice, but to be honest, we don’t see much point in overclocking the Nexus 7. It is already fast enough to deal with all Android apps and games, but its overclocking prowess makes it a bit more future proof.

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