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Microsoft confirms Surface 2

by on08 August 2012


Oh dear

While Microsoft is trying to calm down its hardware partners over its new Surface, it appears that there is another one in the works.

Redmond has been saying that it does not want to get into the hardware business and has been describing its Surface mostly as a reference design. But an advert here shows that Microsoft is planning more versions of the Surface.

A listing for a Senior Software Development Engineer reads, "We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you! The Surface development team is seeking a talented senior engineer to work on our next generation Surface. "You will be responsible for overall system design and system bring-up/enablement. You will be a critical member of a team that includes firmware, electrical, software, design validation and mechanical engineers; together, you will bring next generation Surface to life."

The words clearly give the game away.  There is a next generation surface in the works and Redmond is hiring more staff for it. It looks like the Surface might not be just a reference design after all, but might be the beginning of something which will really get Acer and its ilk cross.

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