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Acer shows off $199 quad-core tablet

by on06 June 2012

7-incher, Tegra 3, sounds familiar?

Acer has rolled out the first $199 quad-core tablet, and possible the first Nvidia Kai tablet out there.

The Iconia Tab A110 replaces the old A110, powered by Tegra 2 and priced at about $199 after a couple of price cuts. The A110 is a 7-incher, but there is still no word on resolution, so it might be 1024x600, or possibly even 1280x800, which sounds mouthwatering.

However, don’t think you can get your paws on a dirt cheap A110 in a matter of days. Acer reps told The Verge that it will launch in Q3, at less than $200.

Aside from the price, we also like the fact that Acer did not go for that many customizations and it stuck to plain vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with a few shortcuts.

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