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Kepler has more design wins than Fermi

by on11 January 2012


CES 2012: Nvidia notebook general manager confirms

General Manager of mobile division at Nvidia Rene Haas, told Fudzilla that Kepler has more design wins than Fermi. He was talking notebooks of course as this is what he does.

He didn’t go into details on when Kepler launches but most of our meetings at CES indicated that mobile Kepler should come around Ivy Bridge launch time.

Nvidia reiterated on plenty of occasions that Kepler and Optimus won them many more design wins in 2012  than in 2011. Last year, Nvidia had more than 200 design wins and we are now hearing hearing a figure of 300, if not even more, out of some 550 possible on the discrete notebook market.

Our sources are telling us that Kepler should have some very good performances and should run much better than 28nm Southern Island mobile edition from AMD. We will have to wait and see, but this is the buzz at the CES 2012.

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