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28nm Radeons this year

by on12 August 2011

Globalfoundries might be included


Last CES we had a chance to talk to some people in know, and we’ve learned that 28nm graphics chips for AMD should be coming this year. What caught our eye was that AMD intern CEO Thomas Seifert revealed that AMD already has working samples of 28nm chips. This comes as little surprise as the retail cards are expected at some point in Q4 2011.

So, Southern Islands should be coming this year in 28nm. Back at CES our sources were quite sure that TSMC is the only graphics provider for 28nm chips and that Globalfoundries was left behind simply as it was too expensive to develop a GPU for two fabs.

Simply browsing over to Globalfoundries website we have found the story that you can read here, and the story talks about 28nm graphics chips, conviniently posted at Globalfoundies website. This gives us an idea that Globalfoundries might be involved in 28nm graphics after all. 

Globalfoundries might get some action on 28nm Brazos successors, such as Deccan and Krishna, Wichita and Hondo APU’s, but this was also never confirmed. Brazos was currently being produced only at TSMC.

Globalfoundries annual forum is happening on August 30th so we might get some chance to find out more about its involvement in 28nm bulk GPUs and APUs manufacturing.

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