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PlayBook not being discontinued

by on19 July 2011

New models still expected in the fall
Rumors that RIM is or was going to cancel the Wi-Fi only version of its PlayBook seem to be incorrect, according to the official BlackBerry twitter account. The company claims that reports that it is being discontinued are “Pure Fiction,” and the company is releasing the Wi-Fi version of the PlayBook in new countries every week.

Speculation about RIM’s discontinuance of the Wi-Fi only version of the PlayBook seems to be a rumor that just will not die. Some of this we believe is fueled by the announcement by RIM on a recent earnings call in mid-June that the company had only been able to ship 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks during the first quarter. Actual sales of the unit have not been what the company had hoped, despite a significant advertising push.

It is believed by some that the move to discontinue PlayBook would allow RIM to focus on the its QNX based OS for its smart phones going forward, as well as the 4G versions of the PlayBook which many believe might stand a much better chance of success in the market place. However, at least publically RIM appears to be putting on a brave front and will continue the Wi-Fi only version of the PlayBook and new models of the PlayBook are still expected in the fall.

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