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PlayBook 2 to arrive for the holidays

by on05 May 2011


Not second generation model as thought
RIM will apparently be adding a second PlayBook offering that is slated to arrive for the holidays. The second PlayBook (or PlayBook 2, as we have started to call it) will not be a second generation hardware offering, but will be similar to the current PlayBook and offer a larger screen.

The PlayBook 2 screen will be in the 10-inch range, which is significantly bigger than the 7-inch screen on the first PlayBook that recently arrived. From our understanding, it will also add an updated OS that should include both an Email client as well as BBM support.

As for the PlayBook itself, sales have been a bit better than RIM has expected; the company remains committed to the tablet segment and has a lot planned for it, including BlackBerry OS 7. While the planned 4G version of the PlayBook has not even arrived yet, it is somewhat surprising that RIM is already planning a model with a larger screen. According to sources, RIM believes that they need a larger screen model to play in both market segments.

Speaking of additional PlayBook models, the Wi-Fi and WiMAX versions of the PlayBook that were slated to be headed to Sprint have been delayed from the rumored May 8th launch date. We have no idea why the folks in Sprint yellow have made the move to delay the launch, but word is that corporate will communicate a new launch date for the PlayBook soon.

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