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iPad responsible for PlayBook delays?

by on08 April 2011

Touch panel supplier can’t meet the demand
An interesting rumor has been going around the past couple of days regarding the delays of the RIM PlayBook. Our sources are confirming as true the DigiTimes report that the lack of touch screen panels is causing the delays.

If you dig into it further, the whispers you hear are that supplier Foxlink has so many orders for Apple’s iPad that they don’t have additional production space. What this actually means is that RIM is finding it difficult to get their touch screen panels manufactured because the supplier is too busy trying to keep up with the demand from Apple.

Our sources confirm that the shortage of touch screen panels is an issue, as well as additional time to manufacture them. Because of the later launch date, it is possible that RIM will still be able to get enough touch screen panels to get the PlayBook launched, but it is questionable whether they will be able to get enough of them. No matter, it is expected that the PlayBook should sell quite well, especially in the targeted corporate market space.

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