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MacBook Pro to get a refresh

by on22 February 2011

Sources sure it is about 2 weeks away
Our sources close to Jobs’ land tell us that you can expect the fruit tree vendor to refresh the MacBook Pro product line in the next two weeks. Dealers are already working toward unloading existing MacBook Pro inventory, but most dealers we spoke with suggest that they have some inventory of older MacBook Pro units.

The new MacBook Pro is said to sport more than a few interesting new features, including the Mac OS installed on an internal SSD, with everything else continuing to reside on the hard disk. This should greatly improve the performance of the OS on the MacPro.

Beyond the internal SSD for the OS, the new model is said to be one pound lighter than the previous model, and is said to also offer a larger glass trackpad. Whispers suggest there are likely to be five models from which to choose.

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