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AT&T to get 3G PlayBook

by on19 January 2011


Maybe LTE version later on
With the news that Sprint would be getting a 4G version of the PlayBook in the summer, many were left wondering if any other carrier in the U.S. would also be getting one. Sources are whispering to us that 3G versions for both AT&T in the U.S. and Rogers in Canada are also in the pipeline.

While the WiFi version of the PlayBook will be the first out of the gate, the 3G versions are apparently slated to follow the WiFi launch of the PlayBook. It is expected that the 3G version could arrive as soon as late March or early April.

As for an LTE version, rumblings seem to suggest that an LTE version is coming for Verizon; it is likely that it will be after the 3G release, but maybe before the Sprint 4G release. It is hard to say right now what the plan is for an LTE version, but the ability to get an LTE version out for Verizon to make use of their continued LTE deployment would seem to be important if RIM is to grab market share.

RIM has been a bit more quiet than usual about their carrier commitments so far for the PlayBook, but it does seem that they do have a plan to attempt to grab some serious market share. Sources tell us that the flexibility that has been built into the PlayBook design allows them to adapt the PlayBook to suit a number of network configuration types, which really isn’t that much of a surprise. With a rumored large number of units on order for build, it will be key for the PlayBook to meet with success.

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