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RIM doomed against Apple

by on29 December 2010


Kaufman Bros say it has not got the battery
An analyst Shaw Wu, of Kaufman Bros has said that Rim's Blackberry Playbook tablet is doomed because of the gear's poor battery life. We are not sure where Shaw got his paws on a Blackberry tablet as no one has seen one, but he is citing sources that the tablet lasts just a few hours per charge.

He said that was enough for him to say that in comparison with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which lasts about six, and the iPad, which lasts upward of 10, the Blackberry tablet was doomed. He said that the lack of battery life was one of the reasons Rim delayed its launch of the Playbook to the May 2011 quarter.

Wu said that QNX, which is the OS on which PlayBook runs wasn’t originally designed for mobile environments but rather for devices like network equipment and automobiles where battery life isn’t so important. While using QNX into a tablet with a dual-core processor and a gig of RAM sounds cool it eats up too much juice.

He thinks that in the end they will have to supply a bigger battery which will make the gear heavier. Wu thinks that RIM will only sell 700,000 units in 2011, far less than the one million to eight million that other analysts have been calling for.

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