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Joojoo tablet about to die

by on12 November 2010

Fusion Garage preparing obit
Fusion Garage has told that the Joojoo tablet is at “its end of life.” The outfit said that it is working on several new Android-based devices.

The new gear will not be backward compatable with the Joojoo which will be at its end of life,” Fusion Garage founder Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan said. The Joojoo, of course was the gear which was supposed to have developed with TechCrunch.

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has filed suit against Fusion Garage, and legal proceedings are ongoing. A preliminary hearing in August, struck out most of TechCrunch’s claims.

Joojoo was a tablet designed to run only web applications. It had terrible sales because the world really did not want a web only platform. Chandra refused to say how many Joojoos sold.

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