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Seagate calls Steve Jobs bluff

by on22 October 2010

SSDs are not the future of laptops
When Steve Jobs was showing off the new MacBook Air he claimed that SSDs would kill off conventional hard-drives.

But according to Seagate boss, Steve Luczo SSDs are not the future of notebook storage. In a conference call to analysts  Luczo said that the percentage of Macs Apple sells with SSDs is tiny, under three percent. Luczo ran an Air book with an SSD unit and said that it was frustrating how much it cost and the lack of capacity.

"I can tell you that my SSD drive takes about 25, 30 seconds to boot now versus the 12 seconds when I bought it," Luczo said. While that is just an issue more related to OS than it is specifically to the technology but again with the hybrid there is things that you can do it alleviate that so your boot times are actually as compelling one and two, three and four years down the road, he said.

Luczo said that Apple would be successful with the SSD based Air because it was “successful with all its products” but he added that it is not where mainstream computing was going.
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