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Nvidia reaches settlement for faulty mobile GPUs

by on01 October 2010

50+ notebook models subject to replacement
Nvidia has announced a settlement in its lengthy dispute over defective mobile GPUs.

This is the first time Nvidia has publicly acknowledged shipping faulty chips, despite the fact that the issue was first brought up three years ago. More than 50 notebook models from Dell, HP and Apple were affected by defective chip packaging and Nvidia has agreed to replace defective units.

Although Nvidia should replace faulty GPUs and MCPs, it’s clear that the move will most likely result in the replacement of thousands of laptops, not just defective bits. Dell and Apple users will probably get replacement GPUs, while HP owners will be entitled to new notebooks.

Nvidia still maintains that it is free of any wrongdoing or liability, at least formally. The announcement might bring a smile to the faces of thousands of affected consumers, but it has already brought noting but tears for Nvidia shareholders.

You can check out the details here. If you happen to have one of the affected models, please let us know how it all goes.
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