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Wikipedia lost 49,000 editors

by on26 November 2009


But it kept its closed circle

Wikipedia is
suffering from a shortage of editors, according to University research. This year more than 49,000 editors gave up on the online encyclopaedia. The year before it was struggling from the loss of 4,900.

Wikimedia UK, a chapter of the organisation that operates Wikipedia, has denied that it means the site is struggling but admits that it is seeking more expert contributors. Michael Peel of Wikimedia UK said that he was trying to engage a bit more at the moment with people who are very knowledgeable, people who are experts, so working with museums was the obvious next step.

Good luck with that. One of the reasons people are leaving Wikipedia in droves is because contend is controlled by a select group of self appointed experts who seem to have the power of life and death over articles. People who this cabal 'like' get extended biographies but people who it doesn't are told that they are 'insignificant'.

One editor said he quit because he wrote several extended biographies on one person only to find it cut by an editor who clearly new nothing about the subject, but did not like the subject matter.

“It is supposed to be about free transfers of information, but Wikipedia has become the channel for the ego stroking of a small group of self appointed editors,” Fudzilla was told.

The research was carried out by Felipe Ortega, from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Ortega warned that if the downward trend continued for another two years it could spell problems for the site.
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