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Copilot is helping people to quit worrying and love AI

by on18 June 2024

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Software King of the World Microsoft’s copilot is helping people get used to working with AI, according to new research.

Microsoft's partner Avanade has studied how customers feel about artificial intelligence (AI) and shared research showing how people are using the technology.

In October 2023, Avanade reported that people weren't worried about AI causing job losses, and many planned to use AI more in 2024.

The company has now shared more findings that show people are ready to use AI tools. Microsoft’s Copilot has made customers more comfortable with AI because it's transparent and accountable. It doesn't seem to be taking jobs away but rather helping with creative tasks and problem-solving.

After using Copilot, 85 per cent of people felt proud of their work, and the same number said they stayed focused on their tasks by using the technology every day.

AI seems to encourage learning new technical skills and hasn't hurt company teamwork.

However, Avanade noticed that even though people see the benefits of AI, they haven't invested enough in learning how to use it properly.

Veit Siegenheim from Avanade said that Copilot is good for communication and can help generate and implement new ideas. It also saves time by automating routine tasks.

For those selling technology, this presents a chance to teach customers about AI and ensure that it is used in a way that doesn't inhibit creative thinking.

Siegenheim mentioned that while people like Copilot's suggestions, they're worried about who controls it in the long run. He said Copilot isn't just an on-off switch; if used right, it can really improve communication and creativity. Understanding these issues helps us help our clients use it well.

One expert said that Microsoft's promotion of Copilot has made more people interested in AI. However, technology sellers still need to help customers use it.

AI should let people do more thoughtful work, but they need the right environment and tools for that.

Siegenheim also warned that introducing AI without care could harm a company. The study shows that it's important to use AI in a way that keeps employees engaged and supported. This is key for a workplace where AI helps people grow professionally and feel satisfied with their work.

As AI becomes more common, companies will need to use it to make bigger changes in their work. This could really change how businesses operate, the report said.

Last modified on 18 June 2024
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