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Apple admits its AI will always lie

by on17 June 2024

Being creative with the truth

After arriving late to the AI race, the fruity cargo cult Apple has admitted its Apple intelligence will always tell lies.

In a Washington Post interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted outright that he's not entirely sure his tech empire's latest "Apple Intelligence" won't come up with lies and confidently distort the truth.

The Tame Apple Press says that this is nothing to worry about as this has plagued pretty much all AI chatbots released to date.

When asked about his "confidence that Apple Intelligence will not hallucinate," an increasingly unpopular term that has quickly become the catch-all for AI-generated fibs, Cook conceded that plenty of unknowns remain.

"It’s not 100 percent," he answered, arguing that he's still "confident it will be very high quality."

Without a hint of irony, he added: "But I’d say in all honesty that’s short of 100 per cent. I would never claim that it’s 100 per cent."

Besides jumbling facts to the point where they no longer hold together, some AI models are trained on dubious data that they're happy to offer up as the truth. Last month, Google's AI-powered search feature confidently told one user to put glue on their pizza, referencing an 11-year-old joke on Reddit. This morning Copilot in Windows said that it could not draw pictures, while Copilot in Sky said it could (although the other day it said it had run out of ideas).

Google CEO Sundar Pichai made strikingly similar statements in an interview with The Verge last month.

"We have definitely made progress when we look at metrics on factuality year on year. We are all making it better, but it’s not solved."

But Cook has a problem in that Apple’s Artificial Intelligence has to be better than its rivals. He is doing that with a patched Siri personal assistant and forthcoming ChatGPT integration, among other AI features scattered across its desktop and mobile operating systems. Jobs’ Mob always has issues with the fact that one day users wake up and realise that it is just an expensive knockoff. 

When Apple Intelligence hits the street it cannot make too many mistakes. For example, over the years Apple has collected shedloads of data from its clients to provided it on the basis that it would not be revealed. To be fair, Apple has only had a few bad experiences with this and managed to keep data pretty much within its walled gardens.

However, with AI, Apple has collected sensitive consumer data, including photos, emails, and text messages could be more vulnerable. 

Apple’s programming mistakes genius in the matter of timekeeping will become an issue. Nobody wants Siri to make up a calendar invite or tell you a meeting was cancelled when it wasn't.

Last modified on 17 June 2024
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