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Apple fanboy sues Jobs’ Mob because of his divorce

by on14 June 2024

Served up his messages from prostitutes for her to read

An Apple fanboy is suing his favourite company for £5 million after his wife divorced him after reading messages he sent to prostitutes and thought he had deleted reappeared.

According to the Times, the fanboy had arranged to meet prostitutes via iMessage on his iPhone and had deleted the incriminating texts from his device, believing this would cover up his infidelity.

However, his wife opened up iMessage on the iMac the family shared and found all the texts — revealing years' worth of messages to prostitutes. She filed for divorce shortly after reading them.

The husband was shocked: “If you are told a message is deleted you are entitled to believe it's deleted.”

He has reportedly been put on beta blockers to reduce panic attacks from the divorce brought on by his infidelity.

“I genuinely thought I was going to have a heart attack. Divorce is an extraordinarily stressful process and you have children and family dynamics. In my opinion, it’s all because Apple told me my messages were deleted when they weren’t.”

London-based law firm Rosenblatt is looking to make a class action lawsuit by pulling in other iPhone users who have suffered from the same blunder.

Apple’s own support document for deleting messages notes, “If you use Messages in iCloud, deleting a message or conversation on your Mac deletes it from all your devices where Messages in iCloud is on.” From this context, it seems that the man did not have his iCloud linked to the device. This was likely an intentional move to hide his infidelity, but it ended up being the thing that gave his shenanigans away to his ex-wife.

Deleting messages only removes them from the device you are on when you have not linked your iCloud to devices. It will not remove messages from the device you are in communication with.

Rosenblatt’s Simon Walton claims “In many cases, the iPhone informs the user that messages have been deleted but, as we have seen, that isn’t true and is misleading because they are still found on other linked devices — something Apple doesn’t tell its users.”

It is unclear who will get custody of the families’ expensive Apple gear.

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