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HP Omni back from the dead

by on21 May 2024

Spectre banished, Dragonfly swatted, Pavilion demolished.

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, has revived the "Omni" brand, originally launched for its business-focused laptops in 1993.

This retro branding will now grace HP's new consumer-targeted laptops, signalling the retirement of the Spectre and Dragonfly lines. Additionally, the release of computers under consumer PC series names like Pavilion will cease.

Instead, every consumer computer from HP will be called either an OmniBook for laptops, an OmniDesk for desktops, or an OmniStudio for AIOs.

The computers will feature a modifier, ranging from 3 to 5, 7, X, or Ultra, to indicate the level from entry to advanced. For instance, an HP OmniBook Ultra would denote HP's premier consumer laptop.

HP SVP of design and sustainability Stacy Wolff said that an HP OmniBook 3 will cater to customers who favour entertainment and personal use, while the OmniBook X will cater to those with greater creative and technical requirements.

HP has so far unveiled one new Omni computer, the OmniBook X. It boasts a 12-core Snapdragon X Elite X1E-78-100, 16GB or 32GB of MPDDR5x-8448 memory, up to 2TB of storage, and a 14-inch, 2240x1400 IPS display. HP cites the Latin meaning of omni, "all" or "everything", as the reasoning behind the rebranding. The updated name aims to assure consumers that the computers will fulfil all their requirements.

HP is phasing out certain commercial series names, such as Pro. Henceforth, new entry-level commercial laptops will be known as ProBooks. There will also be ProDesktop desktops and ProStudio AIOs.

These computers will feature either a 2 modifier for basic designs or a 4 modifier for more powerful ones. For example, an HP ProDesk 2 will be less potent than an HP ProDesk 4. More robust offerings will fall under either EliteBook (laptops), EliteDesk (desktops), or EliteStudio (AIOs), with modifiers ranging from 6 to 8, X, and Ultra.

A current Dragonfly laptop would be categorised as Ultra. HP has minimally revamped its commercial lineup to "preserve the brand equity and familiarity with our current sub-brands," Wolff remarked, noting that HP "acknowledged the creation of additional product names like Dragonfly made those products stand out, rather than be seen as part of a holistic portfolio."

In line with the expected trend of tech rebranding, marketing initiatives, or product launches, HP is also introducing a new emblem that will feature on its computers, as well as other products or services, that significantly integrate AI.

The two laptops announced today will display this logo. Wolff explains that on computers, the logo signifies the inclusion of an NPU "at 40+ trillions of operations per second." They also include a chatbot based on ChatGPT 4.

Last modified on 21 May 2024
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