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Google takes out its core

by on02 May 2024

Wants to be as evil as Apple

Google has bid farewell to 200 of its 'Core' team members. The tech giant, renowned for its 'do no evil' mantra, appears to have adopted a new approach: 'do more cheaper.' With the speed of a game of musical chairs, roles are being relocated to India and Mexico, a move that raises questions about the company's outsourcing strategy.

The Core unit, the brains behind Google's shiny products and the knights in digital armour protecting user safety, is facing a cull. The axed roles span the gamut from IT to Python wranglers, from the nuts and bolts of technical infrastructure to security boffins and app platform gurus. Once a bustling hub of engineering prowess, Sunnyvale, California, looks more like a ghost town, with 50 engineering positions getting the chop.

Vice President Asim Husain, the bearer of bad news, broke the silence with an email with all the warmth of a British summer. He declared this slash-and-burn the 'biggest planned reduction' of the year at a town hall that probably had more echoes than attendees. His email, laced with corporate speak, promised a maintained 'global footprint'—code for 'we're still here, but just not for you.'

Husain's attempt at reassurance may leave employees feeling as secure as a chocolate teapot. His parting words to the developers? These cuts are all for the 'broader goals' of the company. As Google tightens its belt and distances itself from local talent, one can't help but ponder if AI will be the next to take the reins—or the next to face the axe.

Last modified on 02 May 2024
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