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Axios' big boss claims AI is going to sort sheep from goats in media

by on15 April 2024

Eviscerate the weak, the ordinary, the unprepared

Axios head honcho Jim VandeHei has warned that artificial intelligence will "eviscerate the weak, the ordinary, the unprepared in media."

"We're smack dab in the middle of a tectonic shift," VandeHei proclaims, "as profound, if not more profound, than moving from print to digital." Fast-forward a few years, and he's betting his bottom dollar that Axios will be one of the "smart, sane" content kings in an AI-ruled realm.

VandeHei's strategy for avoiding the digital guillotine? It's all about delivering top-tier journalism, reliable content, and that irreplaceable human touch. Axios is fully committed to live events, an exclusive membership club for its top writers, and strengthening its premium newsletters, all of which embody the human element that AI can't replicate.

The Axios empire is expanding rapidly and claims to be outpacing the competition. Events have seen a staggering 60 per cent growth, and introducing a high-end $1,000-a-pop membership program is a testament to Axios' success.

Axios Pro is beefing up its newsletter lineup, targeting the movers and shakers in deals and policy. Starting at $599 a year, these newsletters are the golden geese of insider info.

VandeHei's crystal ball sees a future where the scoop-savvy scribes are worth their weight in gold, and no AI can steal their thunder. He's playing the long game, eyeing AI deals but keeping his cards close to his chest.

The big cheese admits Axios isn't raking in the dough just yet, thanks to its big bets on new ventures. But while other newsrooms are slashing jobs, Axios is on a hiring spree, scooping up journos to keep the news wheel spinning.

Last modified on 15 April 2024
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