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Apple tries to breath life into sluggish sales

by on12 April 2024

Claims it is going to overhaul its entire Mac line

Realising it is about to have its clock cleaned by Microsoft and Qualcomm, the fruity cargo cult Apple has been leaking to its chums in the Tame Apple Press that it is about to release an entire Mac line with a new family of in-house processors designed to highlight AI.

For those who came in late, like Apple, AI is an area that Jobs’ Mob did not see coming. It also did not see its rival Qualcomm develop chips which would rival its M range.

However, by spinning this new story to its denizens in the Tame Apple Press, it would appear that Jobs Mob is hoping to steal some of  Qualcomm’s thunder without having to put its money where its mouth is.

Apple, having launched its first Macs with M3 chips just five months ago, is already on the verge of producing the next generation- the M4 processor. The Tame Apple Press claims that this new chip, expected to be available in at least three main varieties, could potentially revolutionise every Mac model.

It is important to put this claim into perspective. After peaking in 2022, Mac sales fell 27 per cent in the last fiscal year, which ended in September. Revenue from the computer line was flat during the holiday period.

The Tame Apple Press claimed that Jobs’ Mob would “breathe new life into the Mac business” with the M3-focused launch event last October. However, those chips didn't bring major performance improvements to the M2 from the prior year,  so there is little reason to believe that a chip coming out a few months later would be any better.

Apple is so far behind in AI, where it's seen as a laggard to Microsoft, Alphabet's Google, and other tech peers so anything it tries to weave into its products is going to look clunky and “bolted on” in comparison.

Last modified on 12 April 2024
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