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Chipzilla's silicon scramble to top TSMC

by on11 April 2024

Working with Taiwan’s suppliers

Intel has been chinwagging with TSMC’s partners to help give its foundry biz a leg up.

Intel's commitment to outshine TSMC is evident in its substantial investment of €380 million in ASML's cutting-edge EUV lithography kit, a technology that can potentially challenge TSMC's dominance.

However, industry insiders, including DigiTimes' sources, have reservations about Intel's chip production compared to TSMC's established track record. The concerns revolve around high costs, uncertain yields, and a less stringent production schedule, indicating a steep uphill battle for Intel.

Somehow, though, Intel's buddying up with Taiwan's factory finest, the ones who've been thick as thieves with TSMC. We're talking about the likes of Jiadeng and Titanium Shelg, and they're not just stopping there—China Sarawak's in the mix now, too.

Intel bigwigs have been locked in meetings with Changchun Petrochemical, Li Changrong Chemical, and Global Crystal. DigiTimes says Intel's gagging for a long-term tryst with TSMC's know-how, all while keeping things tight, cost-wise, and not losing that Taiwanese touch of flexibility.

The Taiwanese tech titans reckon Intel's more buttoned-up than TSMC in every way. They've been slow on the uptake before, but now they're keen to beef up their supply chain creds with an eye on being nippier and thriftier.

Last modified on 11 April 2024
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