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Qualcomm opens an AI library for smart devices

by on05 March 2024

For Snapdragon and Qualcomm gadges 

Qualcomm has launched its AI Hub, a collection of ready-made AI models that can run on any device powered by Snapdragon and Qualcomm.

The models can understand speech, recognise faces, and spot anomalies, and they are super-fast and energy-efficient, which is great for mobile and edge devices.

The AI Hub has more than 75 models to choose from, including Whisper, ControlNet, Stable Diffusion, and Baichuan 7B. They all work with the Qualcomm AI Engine, which boosts their speed by using all the cores (NPU, CPU, and GPU). Qualcomm says they can run four times faster than normal.

The AI Hub also makes it easy to switch models from one framework to another. It works with the Qualcomm AI Engine direct SDK and makes the best use of the hardware. Developers can find the models they need, download them, and use them in their apps, saving time and hassle. The AI Hub has tools and resources for developers to tweak the models, and they can use the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK and the AI Model Efficiency Toolkit, both on the platform.

Last modified on 05 March 2024
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