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Tech mob forms after Apple dodges EU law

by on04 March 2024

Pushback on Apple's sham plan

Spotify, Epic Games, Deezer, Paddle, and several other developers and EU groups today sent a snotogram to the European Commission to moan about Apple’s "dodgy scheme" to get away with avoiding the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The 34 firms and groups don't think the fruity cargo-cult’s plans "follow the law." Jobs' Mob's changes "ignore both the meaning and the words of the law" and, if left alone, take the p*ss out of the DMA, the letter says.

Several bits of Jobs' Mob's plan are picked out, including the Core Technology Fee, the Notarisation process, and the terms that developers must agree to:

  • Jobs' Mob's demand to stick with the current App Store terms or choose new terms gives developers "a rubbish choice" that adds hassle and mess. The letter says neither option is DMA friendly and would "tighten Jobs' Mob's grip over digital markets."
  • The Core Technology Fee and transaction fees will hurt competition and stop developers from agreeing to the "unfair terms."
  • Jobs' Mob uses "made-up privacy and security worries" to limit user choice. The "scare screens" that Jobs' Mob plans to show users will "lie and ruin the user experience."
  • Jobs' Mob is not letting sideloading, making installing and using new app stores "hard, risky and costly for developers."

The firms and groups are begging the European Union to take "quick, prompt and firm action against Jobs' Mob." How the European Commission reacts to Jobs' Mob's proposal "will be a test of the DMA and whether it can work for Europe's people and economy," the snotogram says,

Last modified on 04 March 2024
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