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Apple blames the EU for security flaw

by on21 February 2024

Even if the EU was no where near the problem

Apple has found a new excuse for the security holes in its app store – it is blaming the EU.

Recently a fake cryptocurrency app on Apple’s App Store has ripped off users for thousands of pounds. The app, pretending to be the Rabby Wallet crypto service, got the green light from the App Store.

The real Rabby Wallet app, a product of DeBank Global Pte. Ltd., is still stuck in the App Store review queue.

The dodgy app, called “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution,” has been conning users, with one person losing about £3,600.

The app has been available for years, despite loads of complaints to Apple.

So, you would think that Apple would admit it messed up, right? After all, it shows how rubbish Apple’s App Store review process is and how useless it is at protecting users from scam apps.

But Apple seems to be using the recent move by the EU to make Apple open its App store to others.

Boss Tim Cook says the company’s efforts to boost security could be harmed by the European Union’s App Store rules.

Apple old-timer Phil Schiller backed up Cook, warning the EU’s “Alternative App Store” plan could risk the security of iPhones and their users.

These comments are being spread by the Tame Apple Press even though the fake app was nicking fanboy’s money long before the EU told Jobs’ Mob to open its App store.

Even Apple Insider admits that Jobs’ Mob has been very slow at getting rid of dodgy software from its App Store.

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