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Meta's communications manager is on a terrorist list

by on28 November 2023

Andy Stone is a member of a "terrorist and extreme" organisation

Tsar Vladimir Putin has taken time out of his busy schedule of invading other people's countries to put Meta's PR manager on a terrorist list.

Russia wants Andy Stone arrested for criminal proceedings against Russian residents. To be fair, Tsar Putin has also listed Meta as a "terrorist and extremist" organisation, so taking out the chief propagandist for the outfit makes sense. 

We presume Tsar Putin does not like it when people share pictures of cats, or mems about him, or generally talking about him without his blessing.

The Russian interior ministry's database doesn't give details of the case against Stone, stating only that he is wanted on criminal charges. We presume there is a window on a multi-storey building with Andy's name on it, or a nice polonium-210 flavoured beverage waiting for him  if he is ever dumb enough to visit Russia.

 According to Mediazona, an independent news website covering Russia's opposition and prison system, Stone was on the wanted list in February 2022.

Still, authorities made no related statements then, and no news media reported on the matter until this week. In March this year, Russia's federal Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into Meta.

Last modified on 28 November 2023
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