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Chinese create better supercomputers with their own chips

by on27 November 2023

Sunway SW26010 Pro has a maximum FP64 throughput of 13.8 TFLOPS

China has released details of the new manycore Sunway SW26010 Pro CPU and supercomputers that use it, showing how hard it will be for Western computers to match them.

The new CPU is expected to enable China to build high-performance supercomputers based entirely on domestically developed processors. Each Sunway SW26010 Pro has a maximum FP64 throughput of 13.8 TFLOPS. AMD's 96-core EPYC 9654 has a peak FP64 performance of around 5.4 TFLOPS.

The SW26010 Pro is an evolution of the original SW26010, so it maintains the foundational architecture of its predecessor but introduces several key enhancements.

The new SW26010 Pro processor is based on an all-new proprietary 64-bit RISC architecture and packs six core groups (CG) and a protocol processing unit (PPU). Each CG integrates 64 2-wide compute processing elements (CPEs) featuring a 512-bit vector engine as well as 256 KB of fast local store (scratchpad cache) for data and 16 KB for instructions; one management processing element (MPE), which is a superscalar out-of-order core with a vector engine, 32 KB/32 KB L1 instruction/data cache, 256 KB L2 cache; and a 128-bit DDR4-3200 memory interface.


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